Smart community administration project put into use in Changshou Sub-district

December 28, 2018 |

A smart community administration project has recently been approved and put into use in Changshou Sub-district after 10 months of construction.

A platform integrating seven functions including the access control, vehicle management and environment supervision can be operated real-time in the control room to make prompt responses.

More than 40 cameras have been added this time. They can capture and recognize human faces clearly while the video record can be kept for a month.

With a click on a specific site in the community, relevant data on this address can be extracted right away.

The database is also connected to local security and urban administration departments to guarantee efficient management.

“We feel secured as the condition outside our house and in the community can be clearly seen now,” said a resident surnamed Wang.

The street management officials are trying to promote the system to more commercial residential complexes in the area.