Young talent the key to future success: Yin Hong

October 17, 2018 |

A forum focusing on the career development of young professionals in international companies in Shanghai was held on Sunday.

“Young people are the most vigorous and full of dreams,” Yin Hong, Vice Secretary of the CPC Shanghai Committee said at the opening ceremony. “Where young people are is where vitality, potentiality and creativity are. We have to highlight cultivation of young talent and their career development so as to expand Shanghai’s talent pool.”

He said the government should enhance awareness to serve talent and pave the way for young professionals to grow and develop so as to enable the city to attract, retain, use and rotate talent well, contributing to development of enterprises and the whole city.

“I hope enterprises, especially world famous ones, can pay attention to localization strategies on talent,” he added. “I also hope young people will be reformative and innovative and work hard to create a better future.”

About 20 CEOs from the world’s top 500 companies delivered speeches or took part in roundtables during the forum to discuss topics including talent localization strategies, how to empower talent in the AI era, and talent development.

Rashid Aleem Qureshi, chairman and CEO of Nestle China, said development of young professionals is key to realizing the company's visions. It has launched a plan to help 1,000 young people in the world to learn or improve their skills by 2030 so as to help make them more attractive to employers.

Celina Chew, President of Bayer Group China and Chairman of Bayer (China) Ltd, said the digital age has raised new and higher requirements of talent, but young people empowered with knowledge of digital or artificial intelligence technologies will feel right at home in the new era. She believes that employees need to encourage people to innovate and train them on new technologies to empower them, rather than letting them be "replaced by computers."

The forum was organized by the Shanghai Youth League, China International Intellectech Co, a human resources company, and the government of Putuo District.