Putuo to introduce smart measures to upgrade its senior care services

September 28, 2018 |

Putuo is speeding up its efforts to complete the informatization for the senior care in the district, feeding the service information data to the city-level system to help streamline the relevant approval process.

Basic information for the elderly, including the household registration, health status and income, will be collected for public services, removing redundant steps and saving more trips when an old people with finance difficulty needs to apply for reimbursement.

A district-level comprehensive information platform for senior care will also be established, integrating the information networks for nursing institutions, home care service, dining service and seniors’ activity centers. 

Smart measures will also be adopted to secure safety for seniors. For 2,000 households with old people living alone, devices have been installed to detect whether the door is locked or whether there is a gas leak and to monitor some of the old people’s physical conditions.