Putuo installs more than 90,000 small sensors to help improve urban management

September 10, 2018 |

Over 90,000 small sensors installed around the district are helping Putuo authorities to carry out refined city management covering 56 square kilometers.

Altogether they help build the real-time data basis for a three-tier comprehensive management and service platform, “Putuo’s Smart City Brain,” developed by the district Party committee and government using latest technologies like Internet Plus and the Internet of Things.

It will automatically analyze and evaluate the statistics and then initiate the process for a staff to handle different situations.

At the operation center, a screen shows locations of all the sensors as well as alerts, marked with different colors to separate those in process and completed.

The management system covers public security, traffic, market order, city appearance and greening. It also contains 41 application scenarios to help government staff to deal with complex situations.

For residential communities, small sensors installed there focus more on door security, old people’s movement, their heartbeat and breath and possible fire risk and gas leak.

Where the electricity is used in public space which might pose a safety threat like e-bike charging and parking space with smart charging poles, the small sensors installed there are closely monitoring smoke and fire.

During the case processing, more data will be accumulated to make the system smarter and more capable of changing scenarios.