4 new bridges planned across Suzhou Creek

September 10, 2018 |

Four new pedestrian bridges are planned across Suzhou Creek in Jing’an and Putuo for the convenience of both pedestrians and cyclists.

Along with the 15 new bridges already on the city agenda, the total number of bridges over the creek will reach 48, according to the urban planning authority.

These new bridges for feet and bikes will be distinctive in design and style, making the creek a “bridge museum,” the city planning, land and resources administration said.

The plan is part of an overall blueprint for waterfront development.

“The Seine in Paris, for instance, has 36 bridges on its 13-kilometer downtown section,” said Wu Panfeng, director of planning at the administration. The creek covers about 21 kilometers in downtown, with 29 bridges. Residents and drivers sometimes have to take a detour of over a kilometer to cross the creek.

The new pedestrian bridges will be at Wen’an Road, Jingyang Road, near the M50 creative park and Mengqingyuan Park.

The average distance between bridges will be reduced to 100 meters on the section near the Bund, 120 meters for other downtown sections and 200 meters for the area within the outer ring road.