Tongji University-supported community health service center unveils in Putuo

August 10, 2018 |

The first community health service center established in collaboration with Tongji University was unveiled in Zhenru Sub-district in Putuo on August 4.

The preparation work started earlier last July, with Zhenru community health service center stepping up to explore an effective mechanism for cooperation.

In terms of medical service, experts from top hospitals affiliated to the university will go to the service center regularly to lend a hand on the clinic operation, discuss patients’ cases and give local medical staff lectures to improve their skills.

With richer resources, the center will also offer better service to the registered patients if they need hierarchical diagnosis and treatment services like transferring from the community service center to a hospital or seeking chronic disease treatment.

A teaching and test unit for general medicine will also be set up at the center, consisting of an operation test area, a demonstration clinic and a library. Multiple means of information and virtual technologies are applied to assist the training process.

Trainees at the center get to rotate in different departments in the hospital.

They will also participate in research projects under the guidance and assessments of professors from Tongji University.