Putuo entrepreneur selected for the nation’s innovative talent promotion project

August 10, 2018 |

An entrepreneur from Putuo District has recently been included in the “2017 Innovative Talent Promotion Project” launched by the Ministry of Science and Technology.

Li Jing, general manager of Shiyi Internet Technology Co Ltd, became a member of 212 finalists of young entrepreneurs in science and technology, together with 12 other candidates from Shanghai.

Li started the company in 2013, serving as its general manager. He led the team to develop an online game platform as well as other star products like Poker Fishing and Pocket Monster.

Last year the company had a turnover of 2 billion yuan (US$292.4 million).

The promotion project aims to accelerate transforming of scientific research outcome into profits through building an innovation system, optimizing relevant policies and ensuring enterprise guarantees.