Putuo renovates river banks to improve local living environment

August 08, 2018 |

Banks along the Pengpuyue River, which winds across Putuo and Jing’an districts, have been cleaned up and given a facelift after an all-out campaign to crack down on the illegal structures.

The action kicked off last year with Yichuan Sub-district stepping up its efforts to communicate with and motivate local residents.

Before the action, the vacant space was taken up by unregulated and sparsely spread agriculture fields and stalls. Unlicensed constructions as well filled up the place.

The process included interaction with tenants who lived in these complex and the residents who own them. District officials worked with the city’s housing department to negotiate with them to resolve the issue.

Lanes along the river have been laid with water permeable bricks, which would be helpful in rainy season and comply with the idea of a “sponge city.” An area for outdoor dancing is earmarked to meet residents’ need.

A volunteer team has also been established to help protect the environment along the river.