Big data adopted to monitor water quality in Putuo’s swimming pools

July 26, 2018 |

Putuo health and hygiene department is using a platform as well as big data to supervise the water quality in swimming places within the district.

The platform, which joins the pool operator, the supervision sector and swimmers, started construction three years ago and was put to use this June.

It collects information from the public, rates on the pool’s credits and publishes these data.

Previously the department has learnt about the water processing technique and the key disinfection factors so as to make the check indicators more relevant.

Real-time monitor is available on the pool operator’s end so as to respond in time in case any abnormality arises. 

Big data also help establish a swimming pool quality layered supervision and management system. After the system came to use, complaints for the pools in the district have dropped by 40 percent while about 10 percent more of the pools passed the quality test compared to last year.