Putuo community builds a ‘15-minute life services circle’ for local residents

July 05, 2018 |

Shiquan Community in Putuo District has initiated the community grid management system in Lantian and Wanli areas recently in order to build a “15-minute life services circle” for local residents.

The system covers 1.7 square kilometers and involves as many as 36,200 residents.

The Lantian grid management center is located in a three-story building, where local residents, old or young, can find all sorts of services for their daily life.

The elderly can dine, take a shower, socialize or take part in rehabilitation center here while certain classes are available for children after school.

It will also serve as a center for young volunteers to carry out social works and a platform for those who would like to hold meetings to share reading or other activities.

“The place is big enough for so many events and it is not far away from where we live,” said a senior resident surnamed Zhang. “Now my husband and I have a place to go to spend our spare time.”

Sometimes, lectures will be organized at the center to spread knowledge on various aspects of daily life.

The local neighborhood committees and communities are solicitating feedbacks from local residents in order to further improve the functions of the grid management system.