Putuo community residents given the final say on local renovation project

June 28, 2018 |

A residential community in Changzheng Town, Putuo District has invited local residents to help decide on the better use of idle spaces there in order to promote a sense of ownership and responsibility.

Jinjiang Garden is a community with more than 1,000 households. Most of them came from the same village following an urban resettlement program.

However, the community didn’t have indoor leisure facilities for elderly people to drink tea, chat and play chess or cards. So, they had to use makeshift shelters for such activities.

In response to local residents’ loud complaints, the Changzheng Town Community Foundation decided to work out a renovation plan for Jinjiang Garden by making better use of idle spaces there.

First, the foundation contacted Oupei Teke Design Center, which once collaborated with the community for a facelift before.

The design center conducted several field surveys and solicited residents’ opinions and suggestions. They also put up display panels of initial designs to hear local residents’ feedbacks.

After taking the local residents’ ideas into full consideration, the design team would work out a preliminary blueprint and then ask for the residents’ opinion again, said Zhu Hongfang, secretary of the community foundation.

Because of their full participation in the whole decision-making process, the local residents will have a better sense of ownership and responsibility for taking good care of such spaces in the community, Zhu added.

The successful practice of Jinjiang Garden might be incorporated into other community projects in the future, said Wu Xiaojin, director of Changzheng Town Community Management Office.