Taopu puts QR codes on public exercise facilities to improve their utilization rate

June 07, 2018 |

Exercise facilities for public use in Taopu Town in Putuo District now have their individual “ID cards” and QR codes in order to enhance their utilization rate.

With help from professional technical companies, each of the exercising equipment has been adorned with signs for use instruction and a QR code for the user to scan in case of there’s a breakdown or other maintenance need.

The code contains information about the equipment’s detail location and contact to reach a repair staff. If people follow the guide after scanning the code, a text can be sent to the person in charge.

The maintenance personnel will come and fix the problem and later update the latest condition of the piece to the information platform after the repair work is done.

The project will take better advantage of the public facilities in Taopu as well as providing a facelift for the community environment.

More features might be added to the QR code in the future. Residents can scan the code to watch and follow the sample video to see how to use the exercise device or suggest on the facility improvement.