Changzheng Town organizes more than 40 events to mark the city’s science festival

June 01, 2018 |

A smart orienteering competition kicked off in Changzheng Town on May 26, attracting 350 participants. They were required to finish the journey along any one of the 22 exercise lanes in the town and scan the QR codes along the route to keep track.

For each participant completing the journey, 10 points equaling to 1 yuan (16 US cents) would be accumulated for the town’s charity fund, which would be used for maternity care this time.

Two companies, Shanghai Xincaoyang (Group) Co Ltd and Jinjiang Industry Co Ltd, donated 10,000 yuan each to the fund at the event.

The routes passed by a seniors’ nursing home, where the participants visited the old people there.

The participants were also required to spot the “technology sharing treasure box,” using cloud data to set up a platform where residents can lend out or borrow their idle objects.

The town had organized more than 40 events during the weeklong 2018 Shanghai Science and Technology Festival, which ended on May 26, attracting more than 2,000 local residents to participate in various activities.