Installation of elevators in old neighborhood speeds sup in Putuo

May 17, 2018 |

Caoyang Community Sub-district in Putuo has sped up the installation of elevators in an old neighborhood in the past months in order to bring convenience to local residents living in the walk-up apartments.

About six months ago, residents living in a community on Meiling Road N. approached the property management company to see if it was possible for the old buildings to have elevators.

With help from the local neighborhood Party organization, a survey was conducted in the community on the proposal of installing elevators. Later, after going through an approval procedure, contract with a construction company was signed.

Also, a cost-sharing plan among the elevator users was worked out. Each elevator costs about 680,000 yuan (US$107,000) and the users will share the cost in different proportions according to the floor on which they live. People living on higher floors will pay more for the cost.

The newly-installed elevators are expected to be put to use in July.

“We hope to use the elevator as soon as possible,” said Zhou Jingzhen, a resident who also voted pro for the plan.

The project has also received 20,000-yuan subsidy from the sub-district for future maintenance.