Major commercial complex opens in Putuo

May 07, 2018 |

A major commercial complex was launched in Putuo District over the weekend to help promote shopping and tourism in northwest downtown.

The Changfeng Joy City, featuring the city's first rooftop sports park, officially opened to visitors on Saturday afternoon as a new commercial landmark in Putuo. Over 70,000 customers rushed to the site as of 5pm on its first official opening day yesterday.

The shopping complex covering 120,000 square meters near the Suzhou Creek was renovated from a former less popular shopping plaza. The operator added a glass dome as well as indoor gardens and decorations within the complex. Over 200 new brands have been introduced in the new site.

A popular Legoland Discovery Center, the only one of its kind in China, has been kept in the complex and undergoing an expansion. It will reopen to public by the end of the month.

As a highlight, a sports park named Gordon Park has been built on the rooftop, featuring a running path in pink color to mainly encourage female customers to be more active in sports activities.

Meanwhile, the complex along with a nearby park, museum and hotel jointly launched the city's first "urban tourism resort" yesterday. The One-day Urban Resort aims to attract residents and tourists to spend a day touring around the Changfeng area.

"The Joy City will offer parking resources, ticket package and other incentives to encourage customers to also visit these surrounding sites," said Wei Jianping, general manager with the Joy City. The resort also includes the film museum of Hong Kong kung fu star Jackie Chan, the Changfeng Park and the Changfeng Ocean World.