Academician explains brain science to Putuo primary school students

May 03, 2018 |

Neurobiologist and Academician Yang Xiongli from the Chinese Academy of Sciences gave a lecture at Zhenru Wenying Central Primary School in Putuo District on April 18.

More than 200 primary school students listened to the scientist’s explanation on brain science and his experience of conducting scientific research for most part of his life.

Academician Yang on the other hand, was amazed when the students raised interesting questions like how the brain controls the body, whether a talent’s brain cells can be transplanted and whether memories can be preserved.

The school also received popular science books written by the academician.

The event is part of the district’s effort to promote scientific enlightenment among students. Academicians of different disciplines are invited to talk to students, so as to encourage young people for active thinking and broaden their views.