Policeman hailed as a hero after dashing into fire three times to rescue local residents

April 13, 2018 |

Zhang Zulin, deputy director of Changshou Police Station in Putuo District, has been hailed as a hero after he dashed into a fire three times to rescue four local residents recently.


At around 9:25am on March 31, a fire broke out at Tailaifang residential area of Changshou Community in the district. Zhang and his colleagues rushed to the site first.


When firefighters arrived, the dilapidated residential area was already engulfed in fire and Zhang was guiding local residents to evacuate from the area while coughing continuously.


Zhang then knocked at one door after another in case someone might have been left behind in the fire. And he also helped firefighters to put up scaling ladders.


Zhang rushed into fire for three times and found four residents in the engulfed houses.


The first two are father and son in their 80’s and 60’s respectively, and the last one he found was an old man in a small room next to a flight of stairs. Zhang gave the wet towel he used to cover his own mouth to the old man and help him get out of the house.


“Zhang rushed in and out of the house in fire without hesitation. After putting out the fire, I saw his two eyes swollen, voice broken and continuously coughing with dark water from his mouth. He was completely soaked by water, I was deeply moved,” said Cai Zhongjin, property manager of the residential area.


The fire was put out without casualties.


“Zhang is a highly dedicated policeman and he has a better judgment in face of dangerous situations for he had served in a SWAT team before,” said Pan Dongying, another deputy director of the police station.