Center of popular public health science reopens in Putuo District

April 12, 2018 |

The Center of Popular Public Health Science in Putuo reopened on Tuesday, seven months after it closed for interior upgrade. The center is built by a professional disease control and prevention institution to spread knowledge on public health.

Technologies like VR are available for visitors to get vivid lessons and experiences. In the micro VR capsule, people can observe Norovirus or tubercle bacillus with a VR device.

Another VR game helps people spot the hidden health hazards in a house where we easily overlook. A children’s angle is also provided so as to remind parents of these potential risks.

The center has also installed various boards to tell visitors about history and methods in promoting pest control and health protection.

A group of volunteers will serve as docents for visitors during their tour through the infectious disease control and prevention, chronic disease control and health inspection sections of the center.

Those interested can make a reservation before heading to the center.