High credit points deserve more convenient services in Zhenru

March 30, 2018 |

Zhenru Sub-district started a credit campaign in collaboration with Zhima Credit under Ant Financial.

It is the first step in the project “Shanghai Credit Demonstration Street”, with which credits will be directly linked to economic operations for residents, enterprises and the government.

The credit-abiding residents can get more convenience in daily life. Those who have reached a certain Zhima credit level will be granted with a variety of services.

Apart from minor renting services like umbrellas and battery banks, users with more than 650 Zhima credit points can see the doctors first and pay the medical cost of up to 1,000 yuan (US$159) later.

The system has also been introduced to the administrative sessions. Credit qualified residents can complete certain approval issues online or get the affairs treated first before handing in all the materials required.

Over 40 eateries in the sub-district have signed to guarantee their services, which will initiate a benign commercial environment as well as bridging between the consumers and the business owners.