New center forms to offer more public services

March 29, 2018 |

Putuo’s first comprehensive urban area network management and service center was launched in Changzheng Town on Sunday. It will act as a “public living room” for local residents.

The new center located on Zhenguang Road covers nine residential communities as well as a few commercial buildings, which aims to form a “15-minute life circle” to facilitate daily errands.

As part of the latest measures of refined management in the city, it provides basic medical care, dining service for seniors, nursing service for the old and children, daily ware maintenance, legal service and leisure and fitness facilities.

Several functional departments involving urban management and social security also set up offices in the building.

The cafeteria here is popular and over 800 residents have registered for the dining card. Day care service has been very convenient for parents who go to work and leave no one to attend to the children.

By integrating the minor yet urgent functions in the communities, the center hopes to meet the residents’ practical needs.

The center also introduced method like big data and the Internet of Things for residents to pay utility bills, look up the community activity schedules and make appointment, which helps the center to run more efficiently.