Putuo organizes varieties of cultural activities among citizens

March 28, 2018 |

The 2018 Shanghai Residents’ Culture Festival was unveiled on Sunday. Putuo Cultural Center as well ushered in its cultural event season.

The center held a traditional culture fair on the same day and invited several intangible cultural heritage inheritors to introduce to the public Shanghai-styled shadow puppetry, paper art, bamboo slice weaving, candy painting and Peking opera facial makeup.

Visitors could learn how to make qingtuan, a kind of traditional sweet and glutinous green rice balls eaten around the time of the year, and take pictures in old-styled costumes and settings at the venue.

Activities that aim to promote children’s knowledge of local culture and history are underway. The district cultural center presented painting classes that focused on depicting Suzhou Creek while Changzheng Community Cultural Activity Center gave performances that featured Shanghai dialect.

Photography exhibitions that show the changes and development of Putuo are going on in the district cultural center and Taopu cultural center at the same time.

In launching these programs, the district also tries to blend in and upgrade Putuo’s local Suzhou Creek cultural brand.