Taopu Town carries out public benefit activities to mark the World Water Day

March 23, 2018 |

Taopu Town in Putuo District carried public benefit activities yesterday to mark the 26th World Water Day and the China Water Week.

With the theme of promoting the harmony between human and water, the activities showcased the changes in the water environment that have taken place in the district since the river chief system was introduced earlier across the city.

Putuo has named three river chiefs at the district level, 16 at the town and community level and 48 at the village, enterprise and department level. A total of 47 volunteering teams with more than 580 participants have been set up to engage in the water treatment.

Since 2016, the district has basically eliminated illegal sewage discharge. The district has removed 130,000 square meters of riverside illegal buildings and 64 illegal boat houses and also cleaned up a number of waterways.