Safety is the first lesson of the new school term for local children and students

February 26, 2018 |

Children in Putuo took their first lesson on safety as the new school term began last Friday.

Police officers came into classrooms to spread knowledge on how to protect oneself by telling stories and interacting with the children with Shanghai’s newly updated “children’s public safety textbooks.”

The textbook series, compiled by Shanghai’s public security and education authorities, are written with plain language and embellished with illustrations for little children to read and understand.

They are also classified according to children in different ages. Latest safety risks like riding sharing bikes and playing with fireworks have been added to raise awareness in these areas.

For children in the kindergarten for example, they are taught to protect their body properly; middle school or college students on the other hand, will be alerted on the loan or telecom fraud issues.

“Parents are suggested to read the textbooks along with their children so as to give guidance when needed; they might also reflect on whether they have set a right example for their children,” said Pan Afang, headmaster of Jinzhou Primary School.