Putuo opens a chess and card games training center to help boost sports education

January 31, 2018 |

Putuo Chess and Card Training Center was founded at Shanghai Wenda School last week. District officials in sports and education sectors attended the opening ceremony.

The center houses six branches of chess, Chinese chess, weiqi (Go), draughts, gobang and bridge and manages 24 training bases. It aims to promote the games as well as bringing up young players in the field.

Putuo has been investing more in chess education and games. These items have also been included into the district’s sports education program and plenty of promising weiqi players have been sent to the national team from the district.

Earlier this month, Putuo received the title of “National Hometown to Weiqi” from the Chinese Weiqi Association. It will also hold a national weiqi league championship later this April.