Taopu launches window lock project to improve home safety in local communities

January 10, 2018 |

Taopu Town in Putuo District launched a window sash lock installation project last year to secure local home safety.

A public security survey conducted in Taopu two years ago found that the area had been confronting with issues like complicated housing structures and unstable flow of population. Residents were concerned about the safety of their homes.

Local government then initiated the project to install the sash locks for free in the 11 pilot neighborhoods. The lock is applicable in both old houses and new apartments.

By the end of last October, more than 8,000 locks had been installed in those neighborhoods, where the theft crime rate reported a 19 percent decrease in the same period.

As a result, more residents more tend to buy and install the locks on their own.

The window sash lock project is only the beginning, said a director with local security department. Taopu Town will introduce more practical measures to further promote peace and order in local communities.