Putuo upgrades a local wet market to provide ‘Standard v2.0’ services

November 28, 2017 |

Putuo has revamped a local wet market to upgrade its standards of service. It was listed as one of the city government’s practical projects this year.

After renovation, Zhenjin Market is now an exemplary wet market that provides Standard v2.0 services.

It now operates like a supermarket, boasting clean environment and a great variety of products including vegetables, fruits and daily necessities.

Food materials in the market are well packaged with standard price tags. Customers can pay by cash, bank cards or simply scanning the QR code of their purchases.

“Some of our vegetables are transported directly from the farms, which would leave out the middlemen and cut down, in some cases, 50 percent of the price,” said Li Lihua, manager of the market.

Each of the items for sale has been attached with an electronic tag that can track the producing and delivery channels in order to better manage food safety.

To regulate the vendors at the market, they also set up a system to record sales, licenses and owner profile for each stand.

The market is now very popular among residents. The district plans to set up another wet market with Standard v2.0 service next month.