Putuo District’s Green Ribbon program to provide mental health aide

November 06, 2017 |

Putuo District Civilization Office and Putuo Health and Family Planning Commission co-launched the Green Ribbon volunteer mental health program on October 31, aiming to establish a systematic and professional mental health aide program in the district.

At the launching ceremony, Putuo District Mental Health Center aired a short film, called Curing the Mental Cold; one official with the center briefed the audience on their program’s background and operation; and then volunteers read a poem, entitled the Billowing Green Ribbon.

In line with the Healthy China 2030 Initiative, Putuo District Mental Health Center has initiated the program to carry out volunteering mental health aide programs to better the locals’ mental health, and established special teams of volunteers, such as mental health issue prevention team, psychological crisis intervention team, mental health guide team for children, spiritual home workshop, and mental health at workplace team.

An official with the center revealed the district volunteer team has been well-received by the municipal government and the public in the past few years and has won many rewards. During the 2010 Shanghai Expo, the team received the title “Advanced Group” from the Shanghai Municipal Government.

The spiritual home workshop team of the district has helped illegal drug users to rehabilitate, youth’s behavior modification, domestic violence and suicide intervention. The film, Curing the Mental Cold, is based on a woman who tried to commit suicide and was later saved by volunteers.

The Putuo District Mental Health Center will keep producing new volunteering projects under strict supervision. The volunteers also gave free mental health counseling after the ceremony.