Charity helps senior dementia patients | Putuo

Charity helps senior dementia patients

October 11, 2017 |

Shanghai Jian Ai Charity, a social organization in Putuo, is making efforts to help senior dementia patients.

The charity was founded in 2013 by Tang Bin and his friends, inspired by his own experience as a grandson to a dementia patient.

His grandma suffered from the disease in her late years, but Tang and his family did not know what to do.

In 2012 Tang visited a nursing home and was disappointed about the care provided there for dementia patients. That’s when he decided to make a difference.

“My grandma passed away in 1999, yet more than a decade later, I found that things hadn’t improved much at all,” he said.

In April next year after he visited the nursing home, Tang set up the charity following careful planning and preparation. The institution is now staffed with professional social workers and has adequate medical resources to serve the dementia seniors.

Ever since then, Tang and his colleagues have never stopped their efforts in improving their services and at the same time, they have been trying hard to spread the knowledge about the disease.

Tang wants people to understand that dementia does not have to be an irreversible process. With proper scientific intervention in various aspects of life, early stage of dementia or cognitive dysfunction can be alleviated or even reversed

His team is also working with Huashan Hospital and Shanghai University to develop an app to screen dementia with high efficiency and low cost.

This year Jian Ai Charity has been awarded as one of the top 10 public benefits projects in Shanghai. Tang now also advocates governmental, social and capital involvement so as to achieve sustainable development in this field.