Putuo greening worker wins craftsman title

September 21, 2017 |

Putuo botanical worker Yang Feifei won a “2017 Shanghai Craftsman” title on Tuesday in honor of his excellent work in maintaining a green environment.

The competition started with a shortlist of 767 candidates and through a series of qualification checks, interviews and reviews 94 workers became Shanghai Craftsmen.

Yang Feifei, born in the early 1980s, has been growing and managing street trees as a greening technician for 13 years.

He was involved in greening preparations for Expo 2010 in Shanghai and has won multiple awards in skills competitions. He also played a part in writing municipal industry technical standards.

Apart from his wide range of skills, Yang has been innovating and adapting machinery to improve its efficiency.

Currently Yang works part-time as a teacher training tree-trimming workers, a craft he has cultivated and expanded to involve 200 greening workers.