Licks of paint give old ruins new appeal

September 12, 2017 |

A wall that survived the demolishing of illegal structures in Zhenru Street, Putuo, has been painted and converted into an artifact.

Previously a part of the ruins, the 300-meter wall has been adapted to promote local culture.

It is painted with images representing the area's 1,000-year history, including Zhenru Temple, local legends and local specialties of tea, wine and tofu treats.

The campaign to crack down on illegal buildings started early this year. It led to 39 unlicensed buildings being destroyed and 44 households being improved. Workshops with safety or sanitary issues were shut down.

Officials decided to take advantage of the location close to Line 11, used by locals every day, and Zhenru Temple, an important local relic, by giving it scenic appeal, hence the paintings.

Not only has a fine community area been restored, but also residents are satisfied with the new view.

The street officials are thinking about extending an exercise path in the neighborhood and improving the sewage system.