Hangzhou innovation contest attracts the best and brightest

September 07, 2017 |

Putuo students achieved their best results at a major Hangzhou innovation contest which finished last month. They won one Top 10 Award, two first prizes, five second prizes and three innovation prizes in all categories.

They were competing in the 32nd China Adolescents Science & Technology Innovation Contest which closed at Baimahu Expo Center, Hangzhou, on August 18.

Vice President Li Yuanchao, Vice Chairman of the CPC Political Consultative Conference Wan Gang, and other officials attended the closing ceremony.

Zhu Yichen, a senior high student from Yichuan High School, invented a device that treats the waste liquid produced during mechanical processing. The device meets relevant standards with an even lower consumption of electricity. The invention has been commissioned for manufacturing.

Huang Pingsheng was the only teacher in Shanghai to be awarded recognition as a Top 10 National Science and Technology Instructor. Working at the Affiliated High School of Putuo Education College, he was one of the most experienced instructors in the competition.

He also brought along his invention, a teaching tool that explains the principles of eyeball imaging and the cause of near-sightedness as well as far-sightedness. It has proved to be effective in Biology classes.

The contest is the largest and most influential of its kind in China. It attracted 34 domestic teams and foreign participants from the U.S., Germany, Denmark, Japan and Malaysia.