A feast for city food lovers | Putuo

A feast for city food lovers

September 06, 2017 |

About 50 popular local eateries will open temporary stalls at a shopping mall in Putuo District during the city's annual shopping festival which will start on Friday.

The "food carnival" will allow residents to taste most of local wanghong restaurants, or "web celebrity restaurants" at a single site without waiting for hours, the district government said on Tuesday.

The selected eateries will include the renowned Ada Scallion Pancake and Erguang Wonton that usually attract long lines and often require hours of waiting at their flagship eateries.

The legendary scallion pancake stall owner Wu Gencun, or Ada, has made his pancake for the past three decades. His store has attracted many expatriate customers as well as foreign tourists after the BBC interviewed him for a documentary “Taste of Shanghai.”

The Erguang Wonton is a Shanghai eatery well-known for its cold wonton.

The food stalls will open from 4pm till 10pm between Friday and September 17 on the fifth-floor rooftop garden of Global Harbor Mall on Zhongshan Road N., where the opening ceremony for the shopping festival under the 2017 Shanghai Tourism Festival will be held on Friday.

The food carnival titled the "taste in our childhood" aims to gather the most authentic, popular and classic local flavors for city gourmets, said Ye Kai, general manager of the mall.

"All the food must be cooked on site to ensure the freshness and food safety," Ye said. The district's food and drug watchdog and the management of the mall will ensure all the selected eateries have essential certificates and business license, he added.

Since a large number of foodies might rush to the site in pursuit of the delicacies, the mall will dispatch about 50 security guards, one for each stall, to maintain order and ensure safety during the 10-day food carnival.

If the "carnival" attracts too many customers, the stalls will remain open till midnight, Ye said.

It will become part of a trial operation of the district government to prolong the opening hours of its shopping malls to attract the young generation who like nightlife, said Luo Gaofei, vice director of the district's commerce commission.