Mobike works with official department to improve service

August 30, 2017 |

Mobike Technology Co Ltd, China’s leading bike-sharing company, is working with the Putuo traffic department to keep its bikes in good shape and order. The two parties announced their cooperation last week.

Under an agreement, workers will distribute bikes at selected spots according to actual demands and fix broken bikes timely.

They will also establish a credit record for every Mobike user to make sure they use and park the bike properly; otherwise they will have a demerit on their record.

“Our maintenance team will work around the clock to keep our bikes in good shape and order. We will keep local officials informed of our rectification process,” said a Mobike executive.

Big data will be used to track bikes in different areas so that workers can predict the need and respond beforehand.

The Zhenru Sub-district administration worked with Mobike as early as February to mark parking areas for its bikes and remove broken bikes immediately to free up space.

Putuo also has a Mobike-themed park with orange-colored amusement facilities for children to ride and learn about carbon-free lifestyle.