Tunneling starts for Beiheng Passage

June 14, 2017 |

The city’s biggest tunneling shield has dug through Suzhou Creek for the first time as part of the construction of a new east-west thoroughfare.

The six-story, 3,000-ton “super shield” will tunnel through the creek again this weekend and dig forward for about 1.2 kilometers beneath the creek, Shanghai Tunnel Engineering Co said.

The 8-kilometer underground section is the biggest challenge for Beiheng Passage, a 19.1-kilometer road to link Changning, Putuo, Jing’an, Huangpu, Hongkou and Yangpu districts. It is due to be finished in 2019.

For the underground section, the shield must dig beneath several Metro lines. It will also dig beneath Suzhou Creek and its anti-flood wall four times, along with about 100 homes and various pipelines, said Ling Yufeng, a project manager with the company.

When finished, Beiheng Passage will relieve downtown traffic congestion.