Dedicated craftsman honors brand of Hero pens

June 08, 2017 |

Liu Genmin is a chief technician of Shanghai Hero Pen Factory with 30 years of experiences under his belt. He received the title of “Shanghai Craftsman” recently for his pen-making expertise.

The 86-year-old factory is the owner of the Hero brand of fountain pens. Liu started as an apprentice in 1987 in the factory’s nib production workshop. It involves 30 steps to make a pen nib. Liu spent six years honing skills for just one step of the work.

“I’m not bored and I enjoy what I’m doing because I like fixing things with my hands,” he said.

He would consult technical books if he ran into a problem and would make repeated experiments until he solved the problem. The pen blade he made can write non-stop for 30 minutes without a break of ink.

Liu made gold pens for a special edition to commemorate Hong Kong’s handover to Chinese sovereignty in 1997 and souvenir pens for the APEC Summit and the G20 Hangzhou Summit.


He is now devoted to the work of passing his skills to young workers in the factory so that they can maintain the quality standard and reputation of Hero pens.