Paddlers vie for entry in Suzhou Creak dragon boat race

May 18, 2017 |

A dragon boat race was held on Saturday with more than 450 paddlers competing for slots in the 14th Suzhou Creek Dragon Boat Invitational Tournament.

The 37 teams, including 25 government teams and 12 student teams, raced by turns on the Yinchu Lake in Changfeng Park. Twelve finalists will compete with teams from other cities and countries.

Dragon boat race is a traditional sports activity in Putuo. The district team was invited to international races in Melbourne, Hamburg, Hong Kong and Taipei.

Elsewhere in China, the race is held to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival (May 30 this year) and to commemorate a Chinese poet and patriotic statesman who drowned himself in a river after his country fell to invaders 2,000 years ago.