Taopu Smart City for high-tech enterprises

April 06, 2017 |

Taopu Smart City, a high-tech park in Putuo District, is emerging with a cluster of companies specialized in Internet of Things, big data and cloud computing.

The companies develop technologies for 3D urban design and management and 3D evaluation of public works which allows involvement of organizations, companies and residents.

Smart technologies have been imbedded in the city’s public transport system, making it easy for bus and Metro operators to adjust services according to passenger volumes.

BIM (building information modeling) technologies are also used in land plot management and industrial park development, greatly improving the planning and construction efficiency.

The 4.2-square-kilometer Taopu Smart City will introduce a distributed energy system to take full advantage of different energy resources and reduce emissions.

Many buildings in the high-tech park have received green building certifications, including LEED, DGNB and WELL.

Taopu is also piloting the “sponge city” initiative by creating more green space to absorb rainwater and building storage facilities to reduce flash floods caused by heavy downpours.