Sorting facility can devour 900 tons of waste a day

April 05, 2017 |

A demolition waste sorting facility, the largest in Shanghai, was put to use recently in Putuo District. It can sort out 900 tons of construction and decoration materials every day, equal to the amount generated in the district.

Piles of waste materials go through preliminary selection and then into a semi-closed workshop where they are sorted by types such as steel, glass, wood, cement and bricks for recycling. Cement and bricks are pulverized as road pavement or sent to landfills in Fengxian.

The sorting process is done indoors with dust control. Workers pick useful materials manually before the remainder is trucked off to landfills and buried harmlessly.

Puhuan Company, which operates the facility, plans to build a compressing station to reduce the amount of waste for transport.