Helping hand for anxious new parents

March 31, 2017 |

A program offering physical and psychological guidance to pregnant women and new parents was launched in Putuo District yesterday.

The program — the first of its kind in Shanghai — advises on child raising, disease prevention and control and consultation, focusing especially on psychological support and guiding new parents on how to adapt to their new roles and how their anxieties can be allayed.

The program covers the period from pregnancy to the baby reaching its first birthday. The program’s organizers — Shanghai Children’s Hospital, Putuo District Maternity and Child Care Hospital and Shanghai Normal University — said the aim was to provide professional, long-term and individually tailored guidance.

“Every maternity hospital has a teaching program for pregnant women, but it only focuses on their physical health and nutrition,” said Zhao Deqiang, president of Putuo maternity hospital. “Actually, many pregnant women and their families have anxiety and stress for the new life and child raising afterwards.”

The organizers said they had designed all the courses in line with parents’ wishes.