‘Smart city’ project under way in Taopu Town

March 17, 2017 |

Taopu Town in Putuo will transform into a “smart city” according to its urban redevelopment plan approved by municipal authorities last May.

Wuwei Road Metro Station is at the center of the redevelopment plan, which includes the construction of a central green space, beautification along banks of Lijiabang and Xinkaihe rivers, and a network of life hubs within five minutes of walk.

The town will shut down 30 parking lots, 1,000 low-end logistics firms and 400 warehouses to improve environment and reduce traffic congestions. It will make room for high-tech companies and enterprises in cultural and creative industries, financial services, education and training business.

Last year, Taopu was chosen to pilot the country’s “sponge city” program. Meanwhile, it was introducing big data and cloud computing technologies to develop “smart city” features and enhance urban management.

The first phase of the town’s redevelopment project started last December, including new office towers, commercial facilities, and apartment high-rises totaling 290,000 square meters.