Mobike, Putuo join hands in rental bike management

February 27, 2017 |

Mobike Technology Co Ltd is cooperating with the Putuo District government to make the district a role model in Mobike user management, according to officials at the launch of their cooperation program last week.

They said they will solve problems in rental bike services and urban management using the big data technology and allocate a reasonable amount of public resources to Mobike based on an analysis of rental bike users and link the company’s user credit system with the public credit information system.

While they make life convenient for people, these rental bikes are susceptible to theft and vandalism and they take up a lot of public space for parking. By working with the government, Mobike can publish the blacklist of offenders regularly for punishment and it promises to protect the privacy of its customers.

The district government will install signs to point people to Mobike parking areas and recycle old bikes and turn them into art installations.