Community workshop turns waste into works of art

February 09, 2017 |

Students in Wanli Community, Putuo District, spent their winter holiday in a workshop called Innovation House and learned to make artworks with recycled materials.

“There is no such thing as waste. Things are treated like waste because they are in the wrong place,” said Yuan Mingang, founder of the workshop. Yuan teaches children to use waste cardboard, paper and plastics to create art pieces.

Yuan used to live abroad and fell in love with fine arts when he helped his daughter with her homework. He experimented with coffee dregs, empty cans, wheat straws and feathers in artistic creation and hit upon the idea of running a “green art” workshop to advocate low-carbon lifestyle.

His Innovation House is known by more and more people. Many children and their parents go there to create things with waste materials. Yuan has won numerous awards for his community service.