Shanghai Putuo District Central Hospital

Shanghai Putuo District Central Hospital (Putuo Affiliated Hospital of Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine), founded in 1957,covering an area of 27200 square meters including 110000 square meters of business premises, is a large Grade III comprehensive hospital integrating medicine, teaching, research and prevention, also an affiliated hospital of Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, a joint construction hospital of Shanghai No.6 People's Hospital as well as the Clinical Medical College of Anhui Medical University.

The hospital has relatively independent, well-equipped business buildings for outpatient, emergency, inpatient, medical, logistics and administration functions. In addition, the hospital is equipped with a batch of advanced medical instruments and equipment, including double gradient magnetic resonance imaging equipment, multi-slice spiral CT, ECT, large hyperbaric oxygen chamber, large Digital splint C arm X-Ray machine, digital gastrointestinal X-ray machine, ultrasound machine, automatic biochemical analyzer, ultrasound emulsification instrument, ventilator, multi-function monitor , hemodialysis machine, providing strong material and technical supports for the expansion of medical services.

Of the 1941 staff in hospital, more than 1600 are health technical personnel, 207  associate professors, associate chief physicians and personnel with senior professional title. Among them, the physicians with bachelor degree or above account for 42.17%, And 87 are tutors for graduates and masters; thirteen enjoy the special allowance of the State Council; and one is a famous doctor of traditional Chinese medicine

1. "Twelfth Five Year Plan" Key Discipline of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine - General Practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Under the guidance of traditional Chinese medicine theory, this discipline focuses on the study of characteristics of diagnosis and treatment on the preponderant diseases to develop clinical diagnosis and treatment practices and train advanced inter-disciplinary and practical specialized personals who are able to master the practical diagnosis and treatment technologies of Chinese and western medicines and possess the comprehensive medical skills of disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment, health and rehabilitation etc., allowing the general practice model of traditional Chinese medicine established under this discipline to play a demonstrative and leading role in areas such as clinical service, personnel training and scientific research.
2. "Twelfth Five Year Plan" Key Discipline of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine -   Clinical Discipline of Traditional Chinese and Western Integrative Medicine (Oncology)
Based on TCM theoretical systems and practical experiences, the clinical oncology of integrated TCM and western medicine has achieved good clinical efficacy in the treatment of tumor related diseases through combining the theories and practices of modern medicine and integrating the advantages of the two medical systems. Especially in the treatment of digestive tract cancers such as colorectal cancer, the idea of “strengthening the resistance as a whole and treating cancer topically” is advocated, which combines the syndrome differentiation and the disease differentiation and adopts Chinese herbal medicine intervention in the treatment of colorectal cancer liver metastasis. This has not only achieved better clinical efficacy but also furthered the development and innovation of TCM theory.

3. "Twelfth Five Year Plan" Key Specialty of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine – Geriatrics Department
With the early prevention and treatment of cognitive dysfunction in the elderly  as an advantage characteristic,  the Geriatric Department carries out various researches and studies in a wide range of diseases such as geriatric cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, geriatric infection, geriatric multiple organ failure, especially the emergency treatment of senile critical illness. It also accumulates rich clinical experiences in the diagnosis and treatments of other senile diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, peptic ulcer and complications, chronic kidney disease, gout, osteoporosis and tumor.

4. National Key Clinical Specialty – Chinese Medicine Oncology Department
The Oncology Department utilizes the methods combining traditional Chinese and Western Medicine to treat various cancers and has received good curative effects. Meanwhile, under the guidance of Chinese Medicine theory, it adopts the syndrome differentiation and treatment method, applies Chinese medicine to strengthen the body resistance to counteract toxic substances and incorporates the western medicine radiotherapy, chemotherapy and biological target therapy to get better clinical effects of various cancers treatments, which makes it rank among the leading positions in China in terms of improving both the survival rate and the quality of life. It has also actively developed new medicines, of which many internal–produced preparations have shown satisfactory treatment efficacy.

5. Shanghai Key Medical Specialty- Nephrology Department
The Nephrology Department bases itself upon the subject construction and lays emphasis on playing the advantages of the traditional Chinese medicine as well as the advantages of combining TCM and western medicine at a high quality level during the clinical practice. Meanwhile, with its high-level clinical efficacy and sincere service concept, it is featured by its prevention and treatment of early and middle staged chronic kidney disease with integrated Chinese and Western therapy. The Department is dedicated to the comprehensive improvement on clinical diagnosis and treatment skills, scientific thinking and teaching awareness through carrying out biological markers detection, pathological diagnosis, disease risk assessment, talent training, research platform construction and other measures so as to establish a sustainable and characteristic specialty.

6. Shanghai Key Medical Specialty- Cardiology Department
The Cardiology Department is characterized by its full and comprehensive diagnosis and treatment with combination of TCM and western therapy and cooperation between internal medicine and surgery. It has been engaged in the interventional cardiology for more than ten years, and accumulated rich experiences in the interventional therapies of coronary heart disease, cardiac arrhythmia, peripheral arterial and congenital heart disease and the septal branch chemical ablation of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

7. Shanghai Key Medical Specialty- Ophthalmology Department
 The Ophthalmology Department has accumulated rich clinical experiences in various ophthalmology diseases such as acute and chronic conjunctivitis, exophthalmia, viral keratitis, uveitis and optic neuritis and has been subject to the consistent high praises by majority of patients for its good curative effects. In particular, it has received several Science and Technology Achievement Awards at district and municipal level for its series of studies on conjunctivochalasis . The Department has also published many articles on professional journals both home and abroad. As a teaching practice base of Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the department undertakes the tasks of the education and instructions of college students and as well as the cultivation of postgraduate students.

8、Shanghai Key Medical Specialty- Emergency Department
The Emergency Department has established a professional emergency team mainly composed of emergency surgery and internal medicine specialists. Emergency treatment has formed an emergency operation mode which makes “emergency treatment green channel" as the basis and adopts the integration of "diagnosis and treatment" , which has reduced the procedures of emergency diagnosis and treatment and realized seamless link in the process of treatment. The team has made obvious progress in clinical practice, scientific research, education and personnel development. In addition to the fruitful scientific achievements, the plans concerning the specialist echelon construction, talent introduction and talent training have been implemented as well. Specialty construction has received recognition and praises from the experts in Shanghai.

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