List of Educational Training Institutions in Putuo District

Address: Shanghai Haiman Culture Art Center No.90, Lane 1415, Jiangning Rd. | Tel: 52892085 |

Shanghai Haiman Culture Art Center No.90, Lane 1415, Jiangning Rd. Tel:52892085

Huaying Education Training Center, Putuo District, Shanghai No.286, North Meiling Rd. Tel:62540759

Huxi Spare Time Vocational and Technical School, Putuo District, Shanghai No.750 Caoyang Rd. Tel:62573870

Huiqiao School of Putuo District, Shanghai No.18-20, Lane 727, Fuping Rd. Tel:56075355

Jinhua Training School, Putuo District, Shanghai  No.11, Lane 727, Fuping Rd. Tel:56359011, 56352643

Shanghai Jianli Art Training Center No.1765 North Shanxi Rd. Tel:52522658

Kid Castle Yingqun Training School, Putuo District, Shanghai 2F, No.2155, Daduhe Rd. Tel:51036185

Lanhai Education & Training Center, Putuo District, Shanghai

Rm. 1203, 1205, 1206, 1207, and 1209, 12F, Bldg 1, Lane 1628, Jinshanjiang Rd. Tel:32513737

Shisong Training School, Putuo District, Shanghai 3F, No.1118, Changshou Rd. Tel:62715190

Xibu Art School, Putuo District, Shanghai No.138, Lanxi Rd. Tel:62160166

Xingqiao Art School, Putuo District, Shanghai No.182, Lanxi Rd. Tel:52240718

Xigong Art School, Putuo District, Shanghai No.225, Wuning Rd. Tel:62441731, 62440337

Shanghai Yinwu Culture & Art Training Center No.2250, North Zhongshan Rd. Tel:52902484

Kaixin Dou Training School, Putuo District, Shanghai Rm.A50, No.1275, Meichuan Rd. Tel:60702726

Dongfang Jiande Training Center, Putuo District, Shanghai No.31, Lane 399, Jingyang Rd. Tel:52958140

Jin Siwei Sparetime School, Putuo District, Shanghai No.35, Lane 1899, Tongchuan Rd. Tel:15000597647

Linhua Education & Training School, Putuo District, Shanghai 4F, No.21, Lane 798, Zhenguang Rd. Tel:52835013

Xue Er Si School, Putuo District, Shanghai No.149, Meichuan Rd. Tel:64077116

Aiyou Education & Training School, Putuo District, Shanghai  2F, No.2109, Daduhe Rd. Tel:52688912

Quxuanbei Training School, Putuo District, Shanghai 3F, Changeng Parkside Plaza, 168 Daduhe Rd. Tel:52688286

Shanghai Information Management College 5F, Zhenyuan Bldg., No.2052 North Zhongshan Rd. Tel:62576080, 52043065 (Review Class)

Shanghai Huifeng Economy Management Advanced College  Rm.302, No.1297, Xikang Rd. Tel:62981852

Shanghai NGS Chain Operation College No.55, Jinying RD. Tel:66266243

Shanghai Dongfang Modern Education College No.10, Lane 727, Fuping Rd. Tel:66098993

Shanghai Zhongyi Major College  No.652, Changshou Rd. Tel:62146045

Shanghai Jincheng Art and Cultural Heritage College 8F, No.3, Lane 1473, Zhenguang Rd. Tel:52758475

Shanghai Zhonghua Vocational College No.1008, Zhennan Rd. Tel:62506831

Shanghai Aimeng Fashon Design College No.652, Changshou Rd. Tel:62773618

Shanghai Zhiyou Manager College No.868, Changshou Rd. Tel:62765247

Xuelifang Education & Training Center, Putuo District, Shanghai 3F, No.1408, Meichuan Rd. Tel:15921915700

Shanghai Weston Real Estate Management Institute  3F, No.11, Lane 599, East Yunling Rd.   Tel:32501076