List of Vocational Education and Continuing Eduction Institutions in Putuo District

Shanghai Caoyang Vocational School No.240 Qingjian Rd. Tel:52768266

Shanghai Information Technology College No.1008 Zhennan Rd. Tel:62506334

Shanghai Justice School No.175 Sanyuan Rd. Tel:62146247

Shanghai Economic Management School No.726 Aomen  Rd. Tel:62774932

Shanghai Commercial Accounting School (Jiaotong Road Campus)  No.1933 Jiaotong Rd. Tel:56619341

Shanghai Trade School (West Yunling Road Campus)  No.170 Lane 689, West Yunling Rd. Tel:65975820

Shanghai Chunhui Vocational Technical School No.25, Lane 529, West Yanchang Rd. Tel:56379324

Putuo Spare Time University No.805 Caoyang Rd. Tel:62573946

Yichuan Road Street Community School (U3A) No.200 Huayin Rd. Tel:56526121

Changfeng Xincun Street Community School (U3A) No.100, Lane 251, Zaoyang Rd. Tel:62607668

Caoyang Xincun Street Community School (U3A) No.317,Xingshan Rd. Tel:52660950

Changshou Road Street Community School (U3A) No.35 Xinhui Rd. Tel:62990950

Shiquan Road Street Community School (U3A) No.33 Ningqiang Rd. Tel:60739267

Ganquan Road Street Community School (U3A) No.81 Huangling Rd. Tel:56055081

Changzheng Town Community School (U3A) No.1255 Meichuan Rd. Tel:52686861

Zhenru Town Community School (U3A) No.968 Lanxi Rd. Tel:52858945

Taopu Town Community School (U3A) No.188 Hongmian Rd. Tel:66266085

Shanghai University of the Third Age, Putuo College No.61 Fengqiao Rd. Tel:62168999