List of Middle Schools and Nine-Year Education Schools in Putuo District

Shanghai Wuning Middle School No.469, North Kaixuan Rd. Tel:52907211

Shanghai Xunyang Middle School No.41, Xunyang Rd. Tel:52911233

Shanghai Beihai Middle School No.51, Guannong Rd. Tel:62147566

Shanghai Yanhe Middle School No.99, Xincun Rd. Tel:56072006

Shanghai Xinglong Middle School No.420, South Meiling Rd. Tel:62433210

No.4 Middle School Affiliated to ECNU No.279, Luding Rd. Tel:32581075

Shanghai Nujiang Middle School No.237, Zaoyang Rd. Tel:62548695

No.2 Experimental School Affiliated to Shanghai Normal University No.1189, Tongchuan Rd. (temporary) Tel:62668785

Shanghai Zhenbei Middle School No.10, Lane 263, Zhenbei Branch Rd. Tel:52850387

Middle School Affiliated to Putuo Education Institute of Shanghai No.281, Zizhou Rd. Tel:52762666

Shanghai Xinyang Middle School No.88, Taopu Qicun  Tel:66268880

Shanghai Meilong Middle School No.1588, Danba Rd. Tel:52817301

Shanghai Lantian Middle School No.50, Lane 2605, North Zhongshan Rd. Tel:62050898

Shanghai Yuhua Middle School No.269, Jintang Rd. Tel:52842405

Shanghai Luochuan School  No.123, Jinghui Rd. Tel:56613845

School Affiliated to Caoyang No.2 Middle School No.108, Tongbai Rd. Tel:62450787

School Affiliated to Jinyuan Senior High School  No.512, Zhenjin Rd. Tel:66099304

School Affiliated to Shaghai Yichuan Middle School No.1179, North Zhongshan Rd. Tel:56080908

The Attached School of Putuo Educational College No.101, Huangling Rd. Tel:56611354

School Affilicated to Shanghai Caoyang Middle School No.386, Xiangzhang Rd. Tel:52982549

Shanghai Jiangning School No.1, Lane 1518, Xikang Rd. Tel:62661906

Shanghai Guangxin School No.39, Shiquan Rd. Tel:62141626

Shanghai Tongchuan School No.28, Lane 610, Beishi Rd. Tel:62656301

Shanghai Shantian School No.51, Lanxi Rd. Tel:62576739

The Experiemental School of Foreign Languages Affiliated to ECNU No.150, Baiyu Rd. Tel:52369548

Shanghai Zichang School No.388, Ganquan Rd. Tel:56612760

Shanghai Zhongyuan Experimental School No.801, Yuanjing Rd. Tel:52927836

Shanghai Wan Li Cheng Experimental School  No.150, Xinquan Rd. Tel:56946213

Sunshine Foreign Language School Affiliated to Shanghai International Studies University No.2671, South Qi Lian Shan Rd. Tel:62123197

Shanghai Wenda School No.360, Qi’an Rd. Tel:56479172

Shanghai New Huang Pu Experimental School No.95, West Jiaotong Rd. Tel:56080866

Shanghai Jinding School No.1278, Jinding Rd. Tel:52752976

Anshi Experimental Middle School Affiliated to Shanghai Conservatory of Music No.48, Wuning Rd. Tel:52901969

Shanghai Taopu Middle School No.286, Hongmian Rd. Tel:66271344

Shanghai Caoyang No.9 Middle School No.429, Xiangzhang Rd. Tel:52850460

Shanghai Caoyang School No.1069, South Qi Lian Shan Rd. Tel:52707082

No.2 Secondary School Attached to Tongji University  No.1006, Jiaozhou Rd. Tel:62767711

Shanghai Ganquan Foreign Languages Middle School No.400, Yichuan Rd. Tel:56374246

Shanghai Changzheng Middle School No.919, Zhenguang Rd. Tel:52704602

Shanghai Jinhua Middle School No.91, Lan 657, Fuping Rd. Tel:66099287

Shanghai Peijia Bilingual School No.70, Lane 351, Yichuan Rd. Tel:56611143

Shanghai Caoyang No.2 Middle School No.160, Meichuan Rd. Tel:62548322

Shanghai Jinyuan Senior Middle School No.2169, Xincun Rd. Tel:66097811

Shanghai Yichuan Middle School No.101, Huayin Rd. Tel:56091823

Shanghai Zhenru Middle School No.1189, Tongchuan Rd. Tel:62655984

Shanghai Tongbai Senior Middle School No.2125, Zhenguang Rd. Tel:52762377