Industrial zones

Investment – Key Areas

Areas along Suzhou Creek

The dazzling night view along the river, bridges with strong cultural touch, the beautiful park side Greenland and waterfront are all essential elements to the riverside scenery.

   Currently, the 14km sightseeing tour route along Suzhou Creek is available. Shanghai Suzhou Creek Sightseeing Company established which, by the end of 2012, had accumulatively received nearly 20,000 person-times. There are also three marinas with about 50 yacht berths. During the “12th Five-Year Plan”, the Suzhou Creek tour route will be extended on both ends to reach respectively Huangpu River and Zhujiajiao.

We will focus on cultural creation, professional services, and tourism and recreation industry, actively build Suzhou Creek into an international recreation and tourism brand, and develop it into a practice demonstration zone of integrated development of “Production, Living and Ecology”.

Shanghai Taopu Smart City

Shanghai Taopu Technology Smart City extends to Zhenbei Road in the east, Outer Ring Road in the west, Jinchang Road in the south and Shanghai-Jiading Highway in the north, covering an area of 7.92km2.

Starting from the overall positioning of smart city, we will make efforts to promote the industrial transformation and upgrade in Taopu area, focus on functions and highlight core missions, accelerate the formation of new industrial system led by three major industries, and build an industrial carrier of “one valley and two parks”.
Taopu District focuses on the development of the core industry – “security” by relying Taopo Security Smart Valley as the base. Efforts will also be made to promote and develop the two strategic industries-- “energy saving and environmental protection” and “living health”. The key of promotion and development of energy-saving and environmental protection lies in the industry of ecological and environmental remediation and regeneration while the industry transformation and upgrading of traditional medical and chemical will be essential to promote and develop living health industry.

Zhonghuan Commerce Area

With the Middle Ring Road as central axis, Zhonghuan Commerce Area reaches to Da Du He Road to the east, South Qilianshan Road to the west, Suzhou Creek to the south and Cao'an Road to the north with a planning area up to 4.5km2 approximately and a total building area of 2.6 million m2, for business, commercial and hotel buildings, and 700,000 m2 for standard plants.

In this area, there are national hi-tech service industrial parks, national cultural industry demonstration foundation, municipal-level business center, functional zones for producer services of municipal level and the first cultural industrial parks of Shanghai.

Efforts will be made to build a new municipal-level business center where enterprises involving digital animation, e-commerce, biological medicine, and cultural creation will gather and high-end car brands be introduced to develop the car industry and create an international car service and trade center. The functions radiating across Shanghai and the entire region of Yangtze River Delta, Taopu Area will be the most convenient area for office and procurement.

Zhenru City Sub-center

It is one of the four sub centers of Shanghai City, and also the only one with A-level integrated urban transportation hub in Shanghai.

Located between the inner ring and middle ring, Zhenru City Sub-center boasts a planning research area covering about 6.21km2.with 2.43 km2 as the core area which sprawls to Jingning Road in the east, Wuning Road in the south, Taopu River in the west and Shanghai West Railway Station in the north, with a planned total building area of 4.65 million m2, including 3.4 million m2 of new building area.

Zhenru boasts the following five highlights: the privileged location, well-connected urban transportation system, green and low-carbon urban construction standards, and remarkable modern service clusters and enormous underground space system.

Its northern core, Shanghai West Station Integrated Traffic Hub, has been put into run, while its southern core is generally under construction, including Upper West Shanghai project developed by Cheung Kong (Holdings) Limited, Tianhui Plaza Project jointly developed by Shanghai Greenland Group and KWG Property, and Star Plaza project developed by Star Capital of Fosun Group. During the period of “12th Five-Year Plan”, it’s estimated to add about 600,000 m2 of business and commercial area.

Changfeng Eco-Business Area

It is an example of traditional industrial zone in Shanghai that has successfully transformed, and the only cluster themed with “ecology” among the first clusters with modern services as their priority, with green area up to 1.33 million m2 in total.

It is located in the south of Putuo, starting from Changfeng Park in the east and extending to the Middle Ring Road at Zhenbei Road in the west, Suzhou Creek in the south with waterfront line up to 2.7km, and Jinshajiang Road in the north. There are 2.2 million m2 of land available for development and 2.9 million m2 of planned building area in total. This includes 2 million m2 of office buildings and business and entertainment facilities, more than 700,000 m2 of serviced apartments and high-end houses, and over 200,000 m2 of various public facilities, such as community centers, schools, kindergartens, hospitals and gyms.

Relying on “headquarter convention and exhibition, financial services, cultural tourism, and high and new technologies”, Changfeng Eco-Business Area aims to forge five platforms, including a multinational procurement center base, a cluster of modern car service industry, “Changfeng Financial Harbor”, Suzhou Creek Cultural Gallery, and ECNU Technology Park.

The multinational procurement center base, covering an area of 140,000  m2 , includes a convention and exhibition center and two multinational procurement center buildings. The convention and exhibition center can accommodate more than 700 standard exhibition stands, and has 3,000 m2 of column-free multifunctional halls. Various international and national events will take place in the center, including the annual multinational procurement convention of state level, China International E-Shopping Fair, Shanghai Private Label Fair and China International Sourcing Fair, as well as various international and domestic conventions, exhibitions, high-end commercial and cultural events.

Changshou Business Area

Located within the Inner Ring Road, adjacent to Jing’an, Changning and Zhabei, Changshou Business Area enjoys very convenient traffic. It has a long-standing commercial history, booming modern business and profound cultural heritage.

Changshou Road is one of the most famous business and commercial roads in Shanghai. There are well-known commercial centers such as Yaxin Plaza, Imago Plaza, and Printemps China and high-quality business buildings including Fortune Times, Zhonghuan Modern Building, Baohua Jingdian, and Youli Building.

Efforts will be made to develop high-quality business and commerce and build a modern service industry cluster of international standard.

As a new business landmark in Shanghai, Shanghai Global Harbor, with a building area of 480,000m2, including 320,000 m2 of business area, is the largest shopping center in central districts of Shanghai. Featuring the European-style architecture, integrating business, tourism and culture, the center gathers fashion brands, provides considerate services, making it an ideal place for cultural gatherings.