Shanghai Ganquan Foreign Languages High School Enrollment Information For International Students

November 12, 2018 |

1. Application Qualifications

Applicants should be Non-Chinese citizens, over 11 and under 18 years old (from Grade 6 to Grade 12), in good health, and have a legal guardian.


2. Application Period

  If you want to attend school in September, please apply for enrollment before July 31.

  If you want to attend school in April, please apply for enrollment before the end of February.


3. Class Constitution

1) Basic Chinese Class: Students without basic Chinese. After Chinese intensive training for one term, students can attend the two following classes.

2) HSK Class: Students with basic Chinese knowledge. Besides Chinese, they will learn other subjects (refer to Chinese Curriculum).

3) Along with the Normal Class

  A: All along with the class: Study with Chinese students, and use Chinese textbooks.

  B: Partly along with the class: Study Chinese, English and Japanese (optional) with overseas students, and study other subjects with Chinese students.


4. Application Procedure

1) Entrance Examination

  Applicant will attend English and Maths Examination according to his grade. After the written

paper, Applicant will have a face-to-face interview with our teachers.

2) Entrance Admission

  If applicants pass the exam and interview, they will receive an admission letter and registration


3) Entrance Registration

  Applicants shall bring the registration notice to our Department at required time. Meanwhile, he

is required to pay the tuition and fees. Then he can get the student qualification from Shanghai


5. Application Materials

1) A photocopy of the graduation certificate or study certificate from the previous school.

2) An official transcript from the applicant’s current school for the past year.

3) A recommendation letter written by the principal from the previous school.

4) Proof of medical/health by any public hospitals.

5) A photocopy of the notarial certificate of guardian.

6) 8 color photos (passport-size photos)

7) Copy of overseas travel insurance or other insurance certificate

8) A photocopy of residence certificate.

9) Fill out the application form.