The Experimental School of Foreign Languages affiliated to East China Normal University

October 16, 2020 |






The Experimental School of Foreign Languages(ESFL), affiliated to East China Normal University, is a public school founded by East China Normal University(ECNU) and the Putuo District government, with students ranging across nine school years. At present, ESFL has a teachingbodyof 100, with 83% havingintermediate or advanced job titles. In recent years, with the efforts of both teachers and students, the school has obtained many honors and titles including “Civilization Unit of Putuo District”, “Exemplary School of Courtesy”, and “Advanced Unit of Scientific Research”. Currently, there are three campuses, located on Jialang Road, Baiyu Road and Shunyi Road respectively.

The newly-established ESFL will follow the principle of “Standard development, Spiritual improvement, Supporting innovation” and devote itselfto the school mission which is to cultivate innovative, productive members of society with refined interpersonal and critical thinking skills, boasting both domestic values and international perspectives. The school faculty is going to integrate international advanced education concepts, and rely on the educational research achievements and other resources of ECNU, to build a top class school with a defining feature of foreign languages and a thick atmosphere of innovation.

East China Normal University will appoint an education expert as headmaster, and recommend excellent graduate students to further enrich the staffbody. It will also assign foreign language experts to organize courses and create a formal group to provide input to the enhancing of the existing curriculum, and planning of both individual teachers professional progression and the development of the school as a whole. The ESFL will be the testing ground of ECNU;it will nurture outstanding teachers and principals, provide a strong foundation of research into curriculum and teaching techniques, andmaintain a wealth of Chinese culture for incoming international students to immerse within.

Education Principles: