Shanghai Jiangning School

September 30, 2017 |

Shanghai Jiangning School is established in 1933. In September 1994, it is transformed into a public school, and in July 1999, upgraded to be a nine-year education school. The total area of JNS is over 12,000 square meters (construction area for 11,087 M2, greening space for 6,000 M2, sports area for 6,000 M2 which contains a plastic track and an artificial turf stadium). At present, JNS has 151 teachers and faculties, 48 classes (36 in primary school, 12 in middle school) and 1,800 students. The school is located in No.1, Lane 1518, Xikang Road, Putuo District, just nearby Jingan District and Zhabei District, which enjoys a fine community environment.

Jiangning School regards “innovative, pragmatic, healthy and positive” as the spirit of the school. It inspires all the teachers and students to pursue the common core values which make all the school members create sustainable creative thinking to push the development of the school. According to this strong development drive, JNS will gradually become a more cooperative, diversified, outstanding learning community. JNS sets students’ differences and needs as a starting point. The school works hard to create a great educational environment for its students to meet the students’ all-round development and sustainable development. JNS sets “ Not the best one, but the unique one” as its education philosophy:

1. Every student has his own starting line. Put the differences of the students as the starting point, the school respects students’ basic foundation and individual diversities. JNS will help the students find their strong points and make them develop sufficiently.

2. Every student has the possibility to develop. According to the features, law and needs of students’ development, teachers won’t give up each one of the student but will teach them in accordance of their aptitude and needs.

3. Every student enjoys the meaningful learning activities. Teachers inspire the student to develop themselves by innovating on the courses, teaching methods, comments and managements.

4. Every student can develop and make progress. JNS set up effective system and environment facing all the students and the whole procedure of education to make every student to get most achievements.

5.         Every student is full of energy. Try to activate the all elements in education which would stimulate the initiative learning of the students. Transform the controlling to the stimulation and keep the students energetic.

We hope that all the students who graduate from JNS can learn how to be a good person, how to study efficiently, how to work and also how to play through the nine-year life in the school.

As a nine-year education school, in order to enhance the target of students’ learning, JNS has designed the courses overall and put it into effect gradually. In recent years, JNS has joined in the variety kinds of regional and municipal researches in order to create more various teaching forms. We do the adjustments, supplements and expansion to the national teaching materials and make it localized. We work hard to improve the quality of the courses and achieve the aim for students’ development. Our experience of the course revolution has been rewarded the first prize and the second prize in the municipal competitions which builds up a good basis for the sustainable improvements of our school-based courses.

Jingning School pays great attention to cultivate teachers’ professionalism and devotion for work. It encourages the teachers to develop themselves consistently, broaden their horizon and lift up their all-round abilities (the ability of research, self-examination, cooperation, information technology, intelligence of practicing and so on). Therefore, a large number of outstanding teachers have emerged from JNS and won so many prizes.

Thanks to the long-term efforts of all the teachers and students, JNS has won dozens of honor in all levels. The school-running level has reached the leading position among the same-type schools in the city. The experience in course construction, social practice activities and psychological health education has gained a high social reputation among the education experts, parents and society.

Jiangning School is steadily and enthusiastically working towards its goal of being a sustainable developing, “New High Quality” School. We will do our best to provide our students with a great environment to let them be the persons with social responsibility, good citizen quality and healthy personality.


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